On this page you can find any pattern corrections for Wearing History Patterns.

Lounging at the Lido 1930's Beach Pyjamas (3017)-

The lines on the back bodice were flipped.  The dot lines for buttons *should be* the turn back line.  The turn back line *should be* the center back/marking for buttons.  In other words, the "point" at the bottom of the back bodice should be in line with the turn back, and the buttons should be approx 1/2" inside that line. (This was a labeling error on all versions of this pattern from before 8/13/2023).


Moderne Pattern- 

Marking Correction for patterns purchased prior to August 10, 2016

Instructions correction for patterns purchased to November 21, 2014


1940s Panties and Bloomers Pattern-

Pattern correction to the gusset piece for the bias panties for patterns purchased prior to June 22, 2016.


1940s Sailor Girl Playsuit Pattern-

  • Pattern correction to the skirt belt piece for patterns purchased prior to May 24, 2022.
  • "A- Blouse Facing Piece" was mislabeled as "A -Skirt Side Back". A is the correct labeling, but the descriptor was incorrect.  Please make a note on your pattern piece for patterns purchased prior to September 9, 2023.

1910s Suit Pattern (R109)-

Pattern correction for the e-pattern not including the belt piece for patterns purchased prior to May 13, 2014


Filomena 1930s Evening Dress Pattern (R137)

Pattern correction note- the labeling of the BACK SKIRT and FRONT SKIRT were swapped.  The pointed waistline is the front skirt piece, and the straight across (nearly) waistline is the back skirt.  As of 5/1/2023 patterns have been corrected but if you need an e-pattern replacement file for prior purchases please do contact me.

Palisades Wrap Dress (1003)

There was a typo in the instructions.  For assembling the bodice, leave free between dots on RIGHT SIDE, not left side.  The instructions were corrected on 5/27/23.  A0 copy shop files were also added at this date. Contact me for prior purchases and digital files can be sent of the instructions and A0.  The rest of the pattern remains unchanged.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find tutorials?

Great question! I have several photo tutorials available on Wearing History Blog and video tutorials available on Wearing History YouTube!

How often do you ship?

I ship about once a week. I custom print your printed pattern orders and package them up myself, then they're on their way to you.

E-Patterns are not shipped but delivered digitally as downloads. If you're in a rush you may want to try that option.

Do you offer free shipping?

I do free shipping on $100 or more within the USA. Yay!

Why haven't I gotten my pattern in the mail yet?

I ship once a week, so please give me a bit of time to get your pattern printed and on it's way to you.  The tracking should be sent to your automatically or show up in your account.

Still haven't seen anything? Please be sure you ordered a printed pattern.  If you ordered an e-pattern, those are digital downloads.  You will have instant access in your account after payment.  It's available to you anytime!  If you didn't order a printed pattern, it won't be coming in the mail.

Do you sell wide format, printed patterns that can be sent in the mail?

Sure do!  You can find those in my shop under the "Printed Patterns" collection!

Will I receive a diagram I need to draft, or a full size pattern?

All patterns are full size, unless otherwise indicated. 

What's your sizing?

Please view each individual pattern for size information, as size can vary from pattern to pattern, as sizing standards varied from decade to decade.

The size range the pattern is available in depends on the original size of the period source material. The smaller the original source material, the more limited the size range.

I am trying to offer more sizing options than when we started. I now have a few extended size drafts which were redrafted based an industry standard plus size form using original vintage pattern cut as inspiration. I hope to add more in the future!

What sort of fit or ease can I expect with these patterns?

--Very little ease is included in comparison to modern standards, and most run true to size.  But the fit and ease of the pattern can vary depending on the time period from which it originated. It's always a good idea to make a mockup!
--Armholes and sleeves fit higher than tighter than modern standards. You may need to alter your sleeves & armscyes if you prefer modern fit with more ease.
--Resto-Vival and Archive Couture patterns are based on original period patterns and were meant to be worn with period foundations- Girdles, period bras, etc may make a difference in fit. A Victorian or Edwardian garment will be sized to fit over a corset.
--Our extended size drafts do tend to have more ease, so make sure to make a mock up and adjust as needed.

Why do you say to make a mock up? Can't I just cut it out and start sewing?

I ALWAYS suggest to make a muslin mock up to check fit and construction before cutting into your fashion fabric.

Every body is different, even if measurements are similar, and making a mock up of inexpensive fabric is the only surefire way to make sure your garment will fit your unique figure and have the ease you want. 

What is an E-Pattern?

An E-pattern is a multi-page PDF file you download to your computer and print at home or send away to a copy shop to be printed.

The advantage of e-patterns are that you have them and can re-print if you lose a piece, and they don't require shipping so you can order and start making in the same day!

Do your e-patterns include A0 Copy Shop files?

Yes! I'm now including A0 copy shop files.  If a pattern you purchase doesn't already have it contact me and I'll get it formatted and sent over to you.  I've been adding A0s to my past releases based on request.

If you've already purchased a pattern from me and it doesn't have A0 files please contact me with your name, your order, the pattern info, and where you purchased it from.  I'll be happy to send you the file!

Please make sure your print shop knows to print the file at 100% scale or "actual size!"

Where can I get my A0 printed?

We also offer printing services at a super great rate! To order those, head on over to . The price over there is per A0 page, so make sure you open your file and count how many A0 pages are in your file. And we print any pattern line, not just Wearing History, so print a bunch you want to make and save on shipping!

Please note we only print and ship A0s within the USA at this time.

Where do I download my e-pattern?

You will get an order confirmation email from my shop. You will also get an email saying your files are ready to download.  Click on that link in your email and you'll be taken to a page on my site to download your files.  Please download ALL of them!

You can also download the files from your customer account. Log into your account. Once you are logged in you will see "My Downloads" next to "Log Out". Click on "My Downloads." Click "Access Now" under the photo of the pattern purchase you would like to download. Be sure to download ALL the files!

How do I print and put together my print at home e-pattern?

Print at home e-patterns are formatted to fit on both 8.5 x 11 sized letter and A4 paper. 

An additional file is included to help with assembly- make sure you read it before you print your files.

-Open your Us Letter/A4 pattern file in ADOBE READER, a free program. (NOT an internet browser! They tend to shove it off to one side and cut off the edges!)

-Print at 100% scale or "actual size", SUPER IMPORTANT!!!

-Cut off the border on one long edge and one short edge.

-Tape the dotted lines together, aligning the circles at the corners.

-All pattern pages are numbered, so assemble in numerical order.

-The solid line is the outside border of the pattern.  You know to stop taping and start the next row down once you've reached a solid line!

-Once it's taped all together just cut and use like you would a regular sewing pattern!

I have been told by many customers that my e-patterns are some of the easiest to assemble, and I'm thankful for their high praise!

I didn't get my download link!

If you didn't get your pattern link please check your junk mail folder.  If you still can't find it, please log in and check your account to be sure your email address is entered with no typos. 

You can also download the files from your customer account. Log into your account. Once you are logged in you will see "My Downloads" next to "Log Out". Click on "My Downloads." Click "Access Now" under the photo of the pattern purchase you would like to download. Be sure to download ALL the files!

The file won't open!

Sometimes this happens if the internet connection went wonky. Please be sure you are connected to a STRONG internet connection, delete that file, and then try downloading again.  If it still won't open please contact me.

My e-pattern isn't lining up properly!

Oh no!  Sometimes this happens if you print from an internet browser, or if you forget to click "100% scale" or "actual size".  Please try printing just the first page again inADOBE READERand measure the 1" grid to be sure that it's printing to the correct size.  Then re-print your pattern.

The border of the e-pattern is cut off!

Oh no!  Sometimes this happens if you print from an internet browser or a program other than the one suggested. Please open in ADOBE READER (a free program) and try printing just the first page again at 100% scale or "actual size".  Be sure there's a border all the way around, then reprint your pattern.

What are "Signature Style" patterns?

New patterns based on original period sources or brand new designs with new step-by-step illustrated instructions, improved fit, and new cutting layouts and yardage requirements for modern fabric widths. These patterns can either be based on period originals with changes that improve the original pattern fit and instructions, or a unique draft to Wearing History that has been drafted by me personally and heavily researched to be period correct. These patterns also include instructions that are hand drawn or digitally drawn and composed by me personally.

What are "Resto-Vival" patterns?

Resto-Vival patterns are restored and revived based on historical pattern source material. Original patterns are usually available only in single sizes, precut from tissue paper and totally unprinted, with details like grainlines and darts indicated only by small perforations. Resto-Vival™ patterns are clearly marked with drawn and labeled markings. Resto-Vival™ patterns follow the period shapes of the original patterns, maintaining the historical accuracy of the completed garment. Original period instructions are included, the complexity of which can vary from pattern to pattern. Older patterns may have text only instructions. Intermediate to advanced sewing knowledge is recommended. We suggest keeping a sewing book handy.

What are "Archive Couture" patterns?

Archive Couture patterns are of Advanced Difficulty and recommended for those who are familiar with putting patterns together with little to no instruction, and who are familiar with pattern alterations for fit. These Patterns are have been taken from original historical source materials. These sources may include diagrams, overlapping patterns in magazine issues, early tissue paper patterns, or other period source material. The source material was used by experienced home sewists, dressmakers, or tailors of the period from which they are derived. These patterns were only available only in single sizes, with details such as grain lines or buttonholes most often unmarked. Wearing History has clarified markings (where given) and supplied tips for working with these historical patterns. You may choose to have a modern or period sewing book on hand to help with construction and fitting. Archive Couture patterns follow the period shapes of the original period source material, maintaining the historical accuracy and fit of the completed garment. Fitting a muslin mockup is strongly recommended, as all garments were meant to be worn over period foundation garments or corsetry. Fit and proportion of these patterns are different than modern costume patterns and may require alteration to fit your modern body, even when wearing period style foundations. Several mock ups may be required to achieve ideal fit. We believe these patterns should not be lost to time or languish in historical archives, but be made available for historical sewing enthusiasts of today.

Do you offer pattern making or pattern grading services? Do you do custom sewing?

I'm sorry, I do not offer pattern making services, pattern grading services, or custom sewing.

Why don't you sell to the UK or EU?

I do, actually! Just not on this site!  There's lots of legal requirements in place now for selling to those countries.  It's a lot of paperwork and filings, basically.  So, for now, it's easier for me to sell on those countries via Etsy, as they take care of that part for me.  Please ask you friends tocheck out my Etsy shopif they're in the UK or EU!

What is Hollydale Creative LLC? That name showed up on my statement!

Hollydale Creative LLC is my legal business entity. Wearing History and Pattern Printing Co are under the same umbrella LLC. So if you see that name on your statement, that's why! It's still me, never fear.

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